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“I’ll Follow the Sun” (Good Fridays!)

It was a bittersweet week. Anna, Luke’s nanny and the love of his young life, moved on with her bad self to Israel. She came to us at the end of our first year with diabetes. We were emotionally and physically raw from a grueling year, and she was raw from a car accident that kept her and her mother visiting doctors into the winter.

Somehow, all that rawness got knit up over the year. Anna’s favorite song is an old Beattles favorite, “I’ll Follow the Sun,” and we didn’t realize how apt that was going to be. (Note to self: do not tell new nanny how great it is to live abroad while you’re young.) Thanks for everything, Anna – you are a lovely, lovely human being. And BTW – Luke approves of the new boyfriend.


The week also included Mom’s (amazing-as-always) apple pie. Do not stick your hand into this group – it might get taken off.

And finally – I love living in an area where we can walk to everything, and we managed to hit many favorites one sunny day last weekend – a flea market in the Century Ballroom, ice cream at Molly Moon’s, and playground at Cal Anderson park. “You’re going to move to the east side [suburbs], right?” Mom had remarked when I was pregnant. Nope, not just yet…

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Good Friday!

Our trip to Maui has worn off a bit – we’re back to full days of work and nights of little sleep (toddler ear infection + ketones + nightmares + high BGs due to growth hormone + parental colds). But the week has had its bright spots:

Luke just started preschool, which means paper fire engines, P is for Pie, and lots of glitter and paint. An only child, it means he gets to get elbowed, hugged, and sneezed on, and is thoroughly exhausted by the time he gets home – which puts him on the same wavelength with his middle-aged parents at the end of the day.

Gorgeous bourbon! – Johnny Drum
Oh wow. Toffee, cinnamon, honey, oak – better than chocolate. (With a hint of mustiness, a bit like the lovely smell of old books in a library, Erik said.)
That might be why the bottle is half empty after one week…

Next up – Washington state Dry Fly bourbon!


Raw food with a friend

After a long (short) night that left me feeling raw and trying to patch over the holes in my brain with lattes, I met a good friend for lunch at a raw food place. Sounds like flagelation over the bourbon, but she has never steered me wrong. I went in hoping lunch would be enough superfood goodness to carry me through the rest of the day. It was!

Good Friday!

I’m taking up Roselady’s Good Friday challenge to come up with three things unrelated to diabetes that made for a good week. I’m setting the bar low and jumping in with an easy week – we just got back from first-ever trip to Maui. (If you stop reading here, I understand.)

Narrowing that down to just three things:

1) I’m eternally grateful to our friends for encouraging us to join them on their annual trek! Despite knowing they’d be sharing the house with a toddler, his nanny, and two slightly overwraught parents, they insisted we needed to experience Maui. They were right! For 10 blissful days, we all lived in swim suits and flip flops (our friends here added flowers added for the camera).  Thank you, thank you, Sam-I-Am!

2) Luke’s nanny, Anna, agreed under great duress to come with us 😉 , and she gave us a gift beyond value: 10 nights of sleep. “It’s OK,” she shrugged off my offers to give her a break, “I can nap on the beach or in the pool – it’s all good.” She is a saint – and a sun and surf goddess to boot.

3) Amazing beauty. I really didn’t believe there were beaches like this – thought they were an evil postcard plot to make us fish belly white Seattles envious. I’m still not sure it was real, but it was lovely.