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No Tricks, All Treats!

While everyone’s posting great ways to raise Diabetes Awareness this month and still wading through all the great Halloween pix from last month, there’s another (wonky) reason to celebrate: the FDA is allowing Medtronic to move ahead with in-home trials of its low-glucose suspend technology! You know – the one already in use in every country that sells Medtronic pumps. We’re catching up, people!

If you’re one of the 100,000+ who’ve signed JDRF’s petition telling the FDA to get a move on, pat yourself on the back – and if you haven’t, there’s time till December 1st:

The other small reason to celebrate is that out-patient trials of the artificial pancreas in France and Italy showed great results. Participants had near normal blood sugars after eating out at a restaurant and letting the AP manage their blood sugars for 24 hours. More on JDRF’s blog.

Trick-or-treat a few years (please, not decades) down the line, with no parental oversight involved? Sweet!!!

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  1. Courtney #

    Yea!!! What great news!!! Thank you for sharing!!! So excited!!

    November 3, 2011
  2. Awesome!!! Love your updates!!

    November 4, 2011

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