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“I’ll Follow the Sun” (Good Fridays!)

It was a bittersweet week. Anna, Luke’s nanny and the love of his young life, moved on with her bad self to Israel. She came to us at the end of our first year with diabetes. We were emotionally and physically raw from a grueling year, and she was raw from a car accident that kept her and her mother visiting doctors into the winter.

Somehow, all that rawness got knit up over the year. Anna’s favorite song is an old Beattles favorite, “I’ll Follow the Sun,” and we didn’t realize how apt that was going to be. (Note to self: do not tell new nanny how great it is to live abroad while you’re young.) Thanks for everything, Anna – you are a lovely, lovely human being. And BTW – Luke approves of the new boyfriend.


The week also included Mom’s (amazing-as-always) apple pie. Do not stick your hand into this group – it might get taken off.

And finally – I love living in an area where we can walk to everything, and we managed to hit many favorites one sunny day last weekend – a flea market in the Century Ballroom, ice cream at Molly Moon’s, and playground at Cal Anderson park. “You’re going to move to the east side [suburbs], right?” Mom had remarked when I was pregnant. Nope, not just yet…

Head over to Diapeepes for more Good Friday cheer!

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  1. Like the ice cream shot. But, I esp. love the walking to everything in the city part. That’s the best. I loved when we lived on the Hill in DC. Just walk out the door and enjoy the day.

    October 14, 2011
  2. Dana, Anna's mom; aka "Moner"/Mother-Bird #

    For me, its also been a bittersweet week: going away gatherings for Anna, much running about for this & that (replacing the tabs that were stolen off her car).
    Not enough time with our Lukie because he was sick.
    And a lot.of reflection of my own life and the one Anna is embarking upon. In other words, a composting of emotions. Oh, and my “day job”.

    It has been a phenomenal 18 months of our co-mingled lives. Within 10 days of our car accident, Anna decided to bring a tiny puppy home — a 3lb lasah apso/toy poodle, Sammy, to help.with our healing. Lukas waddled in a very quiet & shy two year old, barely testing the waters of toddlerhood. Today, they’re best buds (no offense to Huck), two confident little boys, pretty much ready to take on the world, well almost.

    I can’t imagine life without either of them.

    Thankfully Lukie’s new nanny, Rachel, (a good friend of Anna’s) will bring Lukas over from time to.time. And I will get visiting “rights” on other occasions. Sammy & I that is. After all, one puppy can only get.into so.much mischief by himself; or so I thought until he busted up a CD today
    Finally, Anna arrived in Israel this afternoon, with 200lbs lbs of her “necessities”, less some body/face wash, creams & nail posh. I cant wait to Skype with Luke and Anna. Oh, and of.course to see kristen & Erik.

    It’s amazing how lives can be so inter-twined.
    Thank you, kristen, Erik, Luke,and Anna. You are all in my heart forever, Dana

    October 14, 2011
  3. Kelly #

    What a wonderful video memory of Luke’s and Anna’s time together! And those pictures of Luke are full of so much cuteness!

    October 15, 2011
  4. the combination of your lovely post, beautiful video and dana’s comment have made me a bit wibbly. so lucky to have created such strong connections that will remain over the years. thanks for sharing. 🙂

    October 18, 2011

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