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A Good Night’s Sleep…

Is what I had last night, thanks to Erik taking the night watch.

Getting that night off feels like Christmas – I set the alarm for morning (not 2am or 4am!) and dive into deep, deep sleep, knowing that unless there’s a set change or mini glucagon crisis, I am off the hook. I get so used to sleeping with an ear cocked for the Dex or my alarm that my dreams often get backed up like planes on a tarmac, and when there’s enough time for them to take off, they come thick and fast, one after the other. I’m usually insufferable the day after that deep sleep, either still groggy or completely manic and giddy.

I love those nights, and more than anything they’re what I wish for Luke.

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  1. Courtney #


    September 4, 2011
  2. Funny, I do the night checks Sun thru Thurs…and Dave does them on Fri and Sat. On Friday, I still wake up at 2am…NO.MATTER.WHAT. I think my body is so used to it. By Sat, I can sleep through the night. It is a lifesaver. So glad that you got a great night of sleep. xo

    September 5, 2011
    • It is really interesting how couples divide up the week! Everyone needs a break, for sure. 🙂

      September 6, 2011
  3. Sleep, sleep, precious sleep! It’s so not the same after diagnosis, is it?! I’m glad you were able to get a good night. We all need that at least every once in a while.

    September 5, 2011
    • Yep – to think that during dx I asked, “So, how long do we have to do these middle of the night checks? When can we stop?” They said something very diplomatic!

      September 6, 2011
  4. it’s tremendous the difference uninterrupted sleep makes! phew! glad you got a break. and i so agree with your last line!!

    September 7, 2011
    • Hear, hear! I want low glucose suspend on our pumps NOW, for starters.

      September 7, 2011

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