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The Pump is Dead…Long Live the Pump!

Well, it happened – though not in a dramatic way. After almost 2 years of faithful service (that started right after Luke’s diagnosis), we forced our Animus Ping into retirement due to moisture fogging up its screen. Animus overnighted a replacement, and last night Erik and I huddled over the old and new pumps, reading off numbers like bleary air traffic controllers: “1:00am, .175. 2:00am, .100.” “Hold on – 1am or 2am at .100?” “1am.” “Got it. Next.”

What caught us both by surprise, after the new pump was safely on Luke and the old nestled in its return box, was tears coming to Erik’s eyes. “It’s weird, I know,” he said, “but that little pump has been his life support system, his space suit. For the last two years, it has kept him alive, and I feel so grateful. Warm, even. Strange to feel that way about a piece of technology, huh?”

My feelings are more ambivalent – I’m very grateful for the control and convenience, but attaching the pump to Luke still feels like strapping him to a plane set to auto-pilot and sending him careening off into the day. You can see who the optimist and the pessimist are in our relationship. 🙂

Thank you, little Ping! And – welcome, little Ping!

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  1. Funny our attachments. Literally and figuratively.

    July 20, 2011
  2. Hahaha – no doubt!

    July 20, 2011
  3. Yep. I so hear you guys. I think I got a little teary eyed over lil’ blue…that was like 4 pumps ago. Now I just ship them off like a cheap date. LOL.

    July 20, 2011

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