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Sonia Sotomayor shares her T1 experiences with Children’s Congress delegates

This just made my day – yesterday Sonia Sotomayor, a Supreme Court Justice who grew up with Type 1, met with 150 kids growing up with the same to assure them that their options are limitless, and they can become anything they want. JDRF had invited her to speak with this year’s group of Children’s Congress delegates, children 2 – 18 years old chosen from many applicants to go to DC and speak personally about their experiences with Congress, the President, and celebrities who also have Type 1.

Sounds like a platitude, but when you live with type 1, you’re painfully aware that managing it is a full-time job in itself, often continuing at night as blood sugar soars and dives, untethered from the pancreas. I find myself wondering how any adult can manage this (though obviously they do) and still make room in their life for relationships, family, and work – or how kids manage to do well in school while dealing with headaches, spaciness, and other fallout from high and low blood sugars.

So to hear from someone who has lived with Type 1 for 50 years – someone who started the day as a child by dragging a chair to the stove to boil water and sterilize syringes before school, was raised by a single mom (Sotomayor’s father died a couple years after she was diagnosed) and still made her way, as a woman and a Latina, into one of the most powerful old boys’ clubs in the country – that was pretty damn inspirational. 🙂 She said her discipline came from having had to manage T1 – lemonade from lemons, but still – the NPR broadcaster said the kids were rapt as she was talking. Sounds like it resonated with many of them as well. They deserve it.

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  1. Thanks! I shared this with one of my favorite families from when I was teaching the 4 year olds. Yet another reason to like Ms. Sotomayer.

    June 23, 2011

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