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The Dr Will See You Now

When we got Luke a toy doctor kit, who would’ve guessed that his favorite would be – the SHOT. Luke methodically lays out his instruments and puts on his glasses  – “Sorry I’m late,” he says (this kid has spent a lot of time in doctors’ offices). He turns to his patient, and his face brightens with a maniacal grin. “Uh oh, Daddy, you need a shot!”

The patient whimpers and offers his arm. “Here it comes!” yells Dr. Luke, pulling his arm back like a baseball pitcher and then jackhammering the shot into his patient’s arm with fierce glee, laughing hysterically. “Bam! Bam! Bambambambambam!”


His patient cries, and Dr. Luke eventually stops and stretches out his hand: “Awww – you want candy? Have a red one.”  (Red M&Ms are his favorite.)

Luke gets poked every couple days when we change his set – a process that involves yelling, kicking, a needle poke (which translates into a jackhammer from the toddler perspective), and M&Ms.

According to the “child life” specialist at Children’s, the doctor role play is a healthy sign that he’s “normalizing” his experience. That’s a relief, though I do have concerns about how he’ll continue to “normalize” his experience through adulthood – Donny Depp’s creepy Willy Wonka comes to mind. Maybe a career in acupuncture? At least his patients will all be treated with M&Ms!

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