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Beat the Bridge Heroes – Thank You!

This year’s JDRF Beat the Bridge walk in Seattle dawned to torrential rain (1 inch by 8am), a continuation of the nastiest, coldest, least BBQ-friendly spring in the last 75 years. Seriously – would you get up at 5am to go walk in this?

And yet – 0ver 11,000 people did, in running tights, gortex, sandals, shorts, and leis (no kilts spotted). Carly’s Angels, All for Andy, Team Logan – these kids supporting their friends amaze me: are they really in middle school? Some of the same kids had run relays till 8am to raise money for cancer and were just staying up for their next event.

Our friends Ben and Sue came out to walk, which really made my day.

Family gets hijacked into this sort of thing – friends have to walk the plank willingly.

Our team, the A1 Cuties, received even more donations than last year ($10k), thanks to families, friends, colleagues, and people who barely know or have never met us. To all of you who contributed – THANK YOU!  Your contributions will help make Luke’s life safer, bring us closer to a cure, and remind us how lucky we are that so many people care.


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  1. Amy #

    Hi and thanks for your comment! Crazy about the similar diagnosis stories. Glad you had fun at beat the bridge – we were out there getting wet and cold too. Just met Jen and she invited me to join in your top pot group – hope to meet you in person soon!

    May 15, 2011
    • Hope to see you there, and looking forward to reading more on your blog – like Jen, you have a great eye!

      May 16, 2011

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