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To Luke’s Other Mothers

Like any parent of a CWD (child with diabetes), we’ve been very lucky and grateful to find people willing to take on the big D when looking after Luke. Taking on a kid whose care guidelines include when to call ER gives most sane people pause, but his daycare providers, nanny, a couple babysitters, and lovely neighbors who moved to Malaysia have all looked after Luke despite that threat. To all Luke’s other mothers (men as well as women) – Happy Mother’s Day! You’ve made me a better mother by:

  • Always talking about Luke’s day first and his blood sugars second – I try, but my parental inclination is to focus on keeping the D monster at bay, often to the neglect of Luke himself (who right now is hanging on my neck and asking to play hide and seek).
  • Assuming he’ll go to swim classes, Gymboree, and other normal toddler activities we know will drop his blood sugar like a rock – and just dealing with it.
  • Being braver than me about pre-bolusing him for meals. Stomach bugs and a dramatic introduction to mini-glucagon last year left me phobic about pre-bolusing, which meant big post-meal blood sugar spikes for Luke – not good for his health, and the high blood sugars left him feeling crappy and cranky. Our nanny finally got me over it – and Luke’s much the better for it.
  • Giving him the chance to just be a kid among kids and normalizing his condition for all of them. Kids at Luke’s daycare pretend to check each other’s blood sugar and ask his providers if they “bolused” him yet.
  • Laughing off the crazy things diabetes makes you do – like panic on the freeway, when the Dex starts alarming that Luke is dangerously low and needs attention – and there’s no place to pull over, so you just start throwing cookies at the boy in his car seat and hoping he’ll reach some;  digging through the unsavory contents of trash cans at the pool to find his Dex transmitter, because it accidentally got tossed out (“You’d never believe how many adult diapers there are in those trash cans,” our nanny said); catching Luke eating Cheerios out of someone’s highchair or cookies off the counter and thinking, “Crap! How many carbs was that?”

To all Luke’s current and future “mothers,” our warmest thanks and hugs!

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  1. Courtney #

    Thank you for that post. It made me laugh out loud! I love your honesty!!!

    May 8, 2011
  2. It so helps my sanity to hear from others as well – thanks!

    May 8, 2011

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