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Lobbying for type 1

Update: Yes, Virginia, there is a good lame duck Congress!

Earlier this month, something good came out of the frantic lame-duck Congressional session – with all the budge slashing, Congress renewed the Special Diabetes Program for two more years.

Sounds wonky, but the SPD funds 35% of all type 1 federal research – in addition to research backed by the NIH.

In real terms, that means continued backing for efforts to bring the artificial pancreas to market (next hurdle: outpatient testing and FDA approval) and successes like improved, effective treatments for retinopathy.

Jeffrey Brewer, the new head of JDRF and father to a son with type 1, has a moving and personal thank-you that lays out in more detail his vision for moving research forward.

From Seattle – thanks to Rep. McDermott and Senators Murray and Cantwell for supporting SPD’s renewal!
Maybe there is a Santa Claus. 🙂

Update: On March 1, the Senate introduced companion legislation, S. 3058, to renew funding for type 1 research. JDRF is lobbying Congress on both bills.

February: Luke took a step down the dark path of becoming a lobbyist ;), thanks to JDRF’s Promise to Remember Me campaign asking lawmakers to renew funding for diabetes research (more cryptically, H.R. 3668,  in front of the House and Energy committee). WA (7th district) Rep. Jim McDermott supports both HR 3668 and getting pre-existing conditions out of the health insurance game – but grimly noted that it’ll be a tough fight this year on the Hill. Lobby your Congress members on both counts!

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