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Luke’s daycare provider was raised with mountain lions

That’s what we found out this evening, when we had the mother and daughter who run Luke’s daycare over for dinner. We already knew that Mrs. X, the mother, had an interesting past, having come to the States from Germany shortly after marrying an American GI at the end of WWII – not exactly a popular decision among friends and family in Frankfurt. She and her husband moved in with his parents, who lived in the mountains of Idaho – with a few mountain lions (and a wolf) they’d taken in as cubs, after killing the mothers on hunts. When the in-laws and her husband had to leave her and her baby daughter alone for a night, her father-in-law left her with a pistol and the instructions to shoot any strangers. Mrs. X said the largest cougar spent the night pacing on top of the trailer so she wouldn’t forget he was in charge. The daughter recalled one of the cougars taking a dislike to her and spitting in her face when no one was looking.

So no wonder they didn’t blanch at taking on Luke’s type 1 – they’d already lived with mountain lions.

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