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Was it diabetes or not?

Like many, I was rooting from the sofa for Kris Freeman (type 1 athlete) in the 15K and 30K cross-country skiing events this winter Olympics. What struck me in the aftermath was the difficulty of sorting out: to what extent was/wasn’t diabetes behind the outcome? Kris just posted his analysis, and the first thing on his list wasn’t hypoglycemia (though that obviously affected the 30K) but losing control of his emotions and thoughts.

With type 1 hovering in the background, management does become as much a head game as a physical act. How much energy do you spend on nailing the cause of an unexplained high or low? How do you wall off concern when you need to, so constant vigilance doesn’t leave you burned out? How do you acknowledge the effects of diabetes without making them constraints? For parents – how do you care for your kids without driving them (or yourself) crazy? 😀

Performance is a head game. Having the mental discipline to juggle diabetes along with the rest of game makes Kris Freeman an inspiration, Olympic podium regardless.

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  1. I love him too.. 🙂 I will surely read your previous postings.

    March 22, 2010

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