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Definition of insanity

In a D-Mom interview, Rachel (What Life Has Become) sums up why nicely managing diabetes = insanity.

“Managing diabetes is like being on a roller coaster blindfolded! You never know what is coming.
Insanity is defined as: Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Well…[w]ith diabetes, I can do the exact same thing twice with two completely different results. It drives me crazy!”

I’ll think of that the next time I have a “WTF” moment at 2am! 🙂

On a more thoughtful note – aiming for grace posted a link to a NYT article, When the Body Decides to Stop Following the Rules, about the philosophical stance Loren Berlin ended up taking in dealing with her own chronic illness.

“When I get scared, I focus on a definition of fate provided to me by a professor in college. Describing an ancient Greek perspective, he explained that fate could be imagined as a plot of fenced land. The individual cannot control where the fence stakes are placed. But every person determines for herself how she maneuvers within the enclosed space. That I have ulcerative colitis is a fence post hammered into the ground at a very unfortunate angle. How I live my life with the disease is my decision.

And my decision is to be hopeful.”

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  1. Allison Johnson #

    Kristin – I got your blog from Jen’s blog site. Oh my gosh, your kid is gorgeous!!! What an adorable little boy! Love the mountain biker blog too – so great. Have you heard of Team Type 1? I am sure you have – they are an amazing group of athletes. I would love to volunteer on the road with them some day.

    February 17, 2010
    • Kristin #

      Thanks for the reminder! Looks like they’re building out the site – was minimal when I last looked. Very cool!

      February 23, 2010

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