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Type 1 athletes

When just going to the playground for half an hour can drop a toddler’s BG 100 points, it’s hard to imagine them playing sports, let alone competing in the Olympics.

But Jackie Robinson quietly stole the field decades ago, and hearing about athletes like 3-time Olympian Kris Freeman competing in cross-country skiing at this year’s Olympics has shaken me again out of preconceptions.

Another contemporary bad-ass athlete is Tony Cervati (a competitive mountain biker and type 1 since 8 years of age), who has a great blog about combining mountain biking and type 1. Serious mountain biking – the crazy, 24-hour, endurance kind.
My husband introduced me to mountain biking before Luke was born, and although geoducks are more daring riders, I love feeling the earth unroll under me and the larger perspective the fast pace provides. I hope Luke will take to it as well, and it’s great that he’ll have role models like Tony, Kris, and others (I’m sure there are women out there I’m missing – feel free to fill in the blanks).

Come down to it: my kiddo’s biggest hurdle will likely be me.

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